What type of consent does a tall dominatrix require from her submissives?

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When it comes to consent within a dom/sub relationship, the power exchange between a tall dominatrix and her submissives should be based on respect, understanding, and trust. While a submissive must always remain true to his or her own boundaries, a tall dominatrix is always mindful of her subs’ consent, and will never do anything that they aren’t comfortable with.

To ensure safety and comfort in a scene, a tall dominatrix generally requires her subs to sign a consent form prior to their first session. This allows both her and the submissive to be on the same page when it comes to what is acceptable, and what is not. The form will include explicit details about the kinds of activities the sub is willing to partake in, what limits are in place, and if any activities will involve sensory deprivation, bodily fluids, or pain. This written agreement serves as a record of consent, and provides a vulnerable submissive with the assurance of knowing that their dominant will always stick to their previously agreed upon limits.

Consent should also be verbally discussed before and during each encounter, as a check-in between dominant and sub, to ensure that any activities that take place are consensual and mutually desired. Discussions should happen about what activities the sub desires to experience, what activities may be off-limits, and what the expected outcome of the scene may be. If any specific acts are out of scope for both the dom and sub, those should be discussed and clearly communicated.

At the end of each scene, it is necessary to do a check-out process with the sub. This is the time for the dom to check in with the sub and get a sense of how the session went for them. Verbal processing and aftercare is key to ensure that the subs’ physical and emotional health remain intact. It is also important for the dom to thank the sub for allowing them the pleasure to engage in the scene, as consent is an amazing gift given to them.

Overall, consent should be communicated clearly between a tall dominatrix and her submissive, and consent forms, both written and verbal, should be discussed openly. Through this, both dom and sub become aware of what activities one is willing to partake in, and enjoy the shared experience with confidence. Learn more.

What techniques should be used when a Mistress or Dominatrix is instructing a sub?

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A Mistress or Dominatrix has the important role of guiding a submissive, teaching them how to give and receive pleasure, and helping them to mould their behavior so they may better serve the Mistress’ desires. This requires a broad range of techniques, and noting that every relationship is unique, there are several key approaches to instructing a sub.

The foundation of any successful Mistress/sub relationship is trust. Establishing a trusting bond allows for open and honest communication, a prerequisite for a fulfilling relationship. During this stage, it is important for the Mistress to ensure that the agreement between her and the sub is clear and provide guidance on boundaries. The Mistress should also ensure that the sub feels respected, valued, and heard.

Another technique to employ when instructing a sub is to explain the rationale behind the demands. Even when commands are given, the Mistress should use appropriate timing and explain the reasons behind them. This will teach the sub that their action are not arbitrary but linked to a purpose, fostering understanding and receptivity.

The way in which instructions are imparted is just as important. Respect, patience, and unconditional regard should transcend communication. Clear and concise orders can be delivered with an encouraging and supportive tone, allowing the sub to learn effortlessly and pleasingly.

It is crucial that a Mistress provide feedback immediately and continuously, as this will allow a sub to fully comprehend what has been asked of them. Constructive criticism should always be presented in a kind way and can be used to reinforce the desired behaviour and encourage success.

When a sub has shown that they are ready, alpha domination should be introduced. Alpha domination requires the Mistress to show dominance, control, and authority while also maintaining the respect and appreciation for the sub. The instruction should be clear and direct, and any order should be followed without delay.

Occasionally, the Mistress can use rewards and incentives to reinforce that the sub is accomplishing what is expected of them. What is important is that rewards are only given when appropriate and that their significance is clear to the sub. Appropriate rewards may be verbal gratification, physical touch, or an item of sentimental importance.

The last technique is to remember to always prioritize safety and consensual play. A structured and mutually beneficial relationship can bring pleasure to both parties and should always supersede any sensation of fear or anxiety.

These are the main techniques that a Mistress should use when instructing her sub. Creating a trusting bond, explaining the rationale behind demands, using respectful communication, providing feedback, initiating alpha domination and rewards, and prioritizing safety are all fundamental principles that the Mistress can use to ensure a rewarding relationship.

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