) What is the distinction between fetishism and BDSM?

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When it comes to sex, fetishism and BDSM are two very different activities that might become mixed up or confused by some people. But they are very different, and it’s best to know the difference so you can accurately define what you’re into.

Fetishism is a pervasive psychological phenomenon that involves the presence of a particular object, body part, or concept that someone strongly desires and may even obsess over. It can range from something as simple as particular kinds of lingerie to as specific as a certain type of bodily fluids or excretions. Common fetishes include feet, boot worship, leather, latex, and medical play. The object or concept someone has a fetish for is often seen as an integral part of the sexual experience, and they may feel that its presence is essential in order to achieve a satisfactory sexual experience.

BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism. As mentioned, BDSM and fetishism can be very intertwined, but BDSM is a much broader term that involves a particular kind of power exchange between two or more people. The person in a dominant role (the “top) often dictates particular activities and behaviors that the other person (or “bottom) must obey. Such activities might include bondage, spanking, slapping, light torture, taking humiliation, etc. BDSM activities have a much greater emotional and psychological aspect than do fetish activities.

So in general, the difference between fetishism and BDSM is that in fetishism, someone is merely aroused by an object or concept, while in BDSM, there is an exchange of power and/or emotional energy between two or more people. It is important to understand this distinction if you are considering engaging in either activity. Everyone should go at their own pace and respect their own boundaries (as well as those of others) when it comes to these activities. More information.

) How does being a Jerkmate Dominatrix provide personal fulfillment?

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As a Jerkmate Dominatrix, I feel an enormous sense of personal fulfillment. It’s a pleasure to have the power to control and influence someone, and even more so when they are happy with the results.

I get to create my own scenarios and use my creativity to make unique and unforgettable experiences for my clients. It’s certainly been an exhilarating experience to literally shape and mold another human being in ways that they wouldn’t have imagined. I’ve found that most people I work with appreciate the time and effort I put into making their fantasies come to life. When I can clearly sense that they’ve had a good time and left with lasting memories, it fills me with satisfaction and pride that I was able to provide that level of pleasure.

On that note, it’s also incredibly fulfilling to be able to carry out sessions of domination that fully take advantage of my specialized knowledge and expertise. I’ve studied the topics of BDSM and role play thoroughly and am always eager to explore different facets of those topics. I get to explore my own boundaries and push myself to become better and better with each session. It’s amazing to be able to portray another character and to take on the challenge of challenging a person to get out of their comfort zone.

Finally, I find it immensely rewarding to be able to have meaningful conversations with my clients. I often get to hear very interesting stories and perspectives, and being able to use my knowledge to playfully and safely guide them through those experiences is a great feeling. Bonding with my clients is definitely a plus in this line of work.

All in all, being a Jerkmate Dominatrix has provided me with an incredible source of personal fulfillment. I get to be in control of a scene, try out new techniques, and form meaningful relationships with interesting people, all while doing something that I truly enjoy.

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