What are the dos and don’ts of serving mistress feet?

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serving mistress feet is a special privilege and can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for all involved. It is important to understand the appropriate etiquette and expectations of such an honor. To help, we have outlined some helpful Dos and Don’ts below.


1. Respect: It is important to show respect and appreciation for your mistress’s feet. Always use and speak kindly when interacting with her feet.

2. Hygiene: The feet should be cleaned and well maintained before any services are provided. This includes scrubbing and moisturizing the feet, clipping nails, and taking the time to properly apply lotion or oil.

3. Foot care: It is important to maintain your mistress’s feet and provide any necessary treatments, such as pedicures, waxing, foot exfoliation, etc. Ensure all necessary tools and supplies are on hand to facilitate these services.

4. Pampering: Provide your mistress with a relaxing and indulging experience by providing a massage or foot spa.


1. Disrespect: Never show disrespect towards your mistress’s feet, or use any words or tone that implies such.

2. Neglect: It is important to keep up with foot care, maintain hygiene, and provide services on a regular basis. Avoid any prolonged periods of neglect.

3. Unsanitary practices: sanitize any tools or supplies being used for foot maintenance and cleaning. Also, keep any environment in which the feet are being served in clean and hygienic.

4. Overwork: The feet will tire easily, it is important to set realistic expectations for cleaning, treatments, and services. Allow for breaks to ensure the feet remain comfortable and relaxed.

By following the Dos and Don’ts outlined above, you can the most out of your experience of serving your mistress’s feet. Enjoy! Click here to find out more.

How do fetish models ensure that their work is legal and ethical?

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Fetish models have to be especially mindful to ensure their work is legal and ethical. This means that they must be cognizant of laws and regulations concerning what they are doing, as well as being sure to work within the constraints of their contract.

The laws governing explicit material vary greatly from state to state. It’s imperative that before any photoshoot, the photographer and model familiarize themselves with local laws regarding nudity and obscenity. This way, they know exactly what kinds of photographs they can create without running into legal troubles.

When it comes to contracts, a fetish model should always make sure they fully understand and agree with what they are signing. A contract should outline the scope of work, provide a schedule of payment, and guarantee everyone involved is protected with any filming or photographs done. It’s important that both model and photographer come to an agreement and know exactly what they are working on beforehand. Nothing should be left to chance.

When it comes to lingerie and other clothing, any item of clothing must be appropriate and legal for anyone to wear. It’s the fetish model’s responsibility to ensure that the clothing being used is not pornographic, and that the clothing is not fetishized to cross any legal lines.

Finally, respect must be a paramount part of any photoshoot. During filming, respect must be shown between the parties involved. This means that inappropriate touching and language should never occur. Respect also applies to the content being created; any content created you should not feature something or someone that could possibly be deemed offensive in any way.

Overall, the goal of a fetish model should be to create interesting and enjoyable work that is compliant with the law. By familiarizing themselves with legal regulations and making sure a contract is in place before any images are taken, a fetish model can successfully create legal and ethical work.

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