What are some popular payment methods used by financial domination websites?

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Financial domination is a growing phenomenon of people who are willing to exchange their money in a typically non-sexual and consensual way for a psychological thrill or feeling of power and control. This type of relationship is often called a “pay-to-play relationship and it can be fantasy or reality-based, with people spending varying amounts of time and money as suits their desires. Financial domination often revolves around a person who is referred to as a “pay or “slave who agrees to send money to a “dominant usually in exchange for a certain IOU or service and can include activities like tribute, or other gifts.

Due to the non-sexual, less-obvious nature of financial domination, payment is done discreetly and securely. As a result, financial domination websites have several popular payment methods that can fit the unique needs of different types of pay and doms.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are increasingly becoming one of the most popular payment methods for financial domination websites. Gift cards are easy to send and can be used for purchases with merchants who may not accept certain types of payments. For instance, doms may have specific merchants they enjoy buying from that do not accept payments from services like PayPal, or their pay may be concerned about privacy and not want to use a service like Venmo. In those cases, gift cards can be the perfect solution for payment. Some of the more popular gift cards for Dom/sub lifestyle includes Visa, MasterCard, and Amazon gift cards.


PayPal is one of the oldest and most popular payment methods used by financial domination websites. It is a secure and widely accepted payment method, and it is easy to use for both parties. Doms can send payment to their pay with ease, and pays can use it to send tribute in exchange for services. It offers dispute resolution options for both sides if any issues come up, and both parties can track payments easily so there is never any confusion over payments.


Venmo is another popular payment method for financial domination websites. It is similar to PayPal in that it is a secure and widely accepted payment method that is easy to use for both parties. The main benefit of Venmo is the social aspect, as it is possible to use it as a way to connect with past and present subs and pays, and both sides can also track payments for extra security. It also allows for anonymity, which can be a great bonus if both sides prefer to keep payments private.

Cash App

Cash App is another popular payment method for financial domination websites. Similar to PayPal and Venmo, it is a secure and widely accepted payment method and can be used for sending tribute. It also has the added bonus of being able to send money to multiple people at once, which is great if a dom has multiple pays that they need to send payments to. It also allows for transfers of funds between the two parties without fees, which is great for those on a budget.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is becoming more popular with financial domination websites due to its security and convenience. It is often used for larger payments, as it is easy to keep track of payments for both doms and pays, and also provides more privacy for those who prefer to keep their financial activities anonymous. However, there are fees associated with using Bitcoin and the exchange process can be complex, so it may not be the ideal payment method for those who do not have a great deal of technical experience. Click for source.

How do kik femdom sessions differ from real-life BDSM sessions?

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For many people, exploring the world of kink and BDSM can be both daunting and exciting. While real-life BDSM sessions can be a great way to explore these experienced-based activities, there are many situations where BDSM sessions are not convenient or available. In these cases, it can be a great option to explore this new territory through online kik femdom sessions instead. By better understanding the differences between these two activities, you’ll be able to decide what type of approach is best for your individual needs.

Real-Life BDSM Sessions

In the real world, BDSM sessions are normally run by a professional so that safety is ensured for all of the participants. Common activities include bondage, power play, sensation play, role play, and orgasm denial. The session or activity will be planned and discussed prior to the session to ensure that everything goes as planned. It’s important to note that all activities should only proceed with the partner’s consent and safety comes first. The session is often mediated by a ‘Dom’ who is in control of the overall session.

Kik Femdom Sessions

Kik femdom sessions can be done remotely using online chat or video messaging. This allows the participants to participate in each other without physically meeting up. Common activities in a kik femdom session include verbal humiliation, dominance and submission, roleplaying, boot worship, and orgasm control. Since there is no way for either participant to gauge the health of the other participant, all participants should remain aware of the ethical and safety guidelines that come along with BDSM activities. Additionally, communicating prior to the session is of utmost importance to ensure that both partners are aware of the expectations and boundaries of the partners.


Kik femdom sessions can be an excellent way to explore the world of BDSM when real-life sessions are out of reach. While it is important to understand the differences between the activities in each type of session, it is also critical to remain familiar and committed to the safety measures of BDSM play. Communication before and during should be clear in order to ensure that both partners understand the expectations of the relationship between the two. If done safely and in an ethical way, kik femdom sessions can be a great way to explore and experience BDSM activities.
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